When Life Gives You Lemons

by Devanie

Can you feel it? The longer days, the warmer nights … summer’s just around the corner! This time of year means evenings on the patio with the family, laughing ‘til late. Making fresh lemonade (because being in the kitchen and hanging out with the family making lemonade itself seems like the cool thing to do and it is!). And celebrating the love we feel for our country. Like the weather that’s changing, my décor has been getting a makeover. I’m loving the citrus touch of our Americana Collection—not only are lemons on trend, but the bright yellows and greens feel like I’m bringing the outside in.

One of my favorite things about this collection? It captures all aspects of the season, with reversibles you can flip around for Memorial Day and 4 th of July. We launched the reversible concept just last year, and everyone’s loving the versatility (and how it saves on space and budget, too).

On a more serious note—life around the world has felt a little upside-down this year, right? Okay, a lot upside-down. From worrying about loved ones to stressing about unknowns ahead, I work on remembering that times like these can make us stronger, closer, more resilient. Every time I look at this collection, I tell myself, there are brighter days ahead and to just keep moving forward.

My favorite saying this season has been “When life gets sour, sweeten it with gratitude.” We hear so many negative things on the media about how we are failing, and I decided to update that tone with a positive spin. We are not failing, we are learning! As individuals, as families, as businesses, as a nation and as a world. Every single day we are learning what works, and what we need to switch up.

We have so many amazing people in our lives past and present who served our country, and are serving right this very moment. Thank you!

When life gives us lemons, we CAN make lemonade. And hanging up stars and stripes? It reminds me of the resilient country we live in and together we will get through, learn and thrive.

I have had so much fun transitioning our space from spring to bright and happy summer feels. In a few weeks some of these items will be flipped around on their reversible side to show our love for our country and then back again for the rest of summer!

And in case you could use a little citrus refreshment, here’s the Adams family’s go-to lemonade recipe.

1 liter of water
½ cup ice

8-10 mint leaves
5 pieces of cane sugar (or 2 tbsp honey—that’s my favorite)
1 lemon (you can use two lemons for more ‘punch’)

Now It’s Your Turn!
I want to hear what recipe you love that helps kick off summer for your family. To make it fun … let’s do a “giftaway”!

I’ll be giving away 1 of these reversible Summer/America signs from Adams & Co.!


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  2. Next, in the Comment section below, jot down one recipe that your family loves during summer.
  3. Finally, tell a little more … any fun traditions or memories associated with it? If it was handed down from someone? Why your family loves it?
  4. Make sure to enter by Thursday, May 21, 12 pm MT
  5. Watch for the winner to be announced here on my blog on Friday!
  6. Check out giftaway details for all the official info.
11 replies
  1. Jessica Balthis
    Jessica Balthis says:

    One of my families favorite summer recipes is Strawberry Pie 🍰

    1 deep dish frozen pie crust already prepared
    1 cup water
    2 TB cornstarch
    1 small box strawberey jello
    1 cup sugar
    4 to 5 cups of strawberries halved or into pieces

    Cook water, sugar, cornstarch together in saucepan over medium heat until it is clear and thick. Remove from heat and add jello, let cool to lukewarm.
    Place strawberries in cooled pie crust then more lukewarm jello mixture over strawberries.
    Refrigerate until set, or overnight. Serve with whipped topping.

  2. Lorie
    Lorie says:

    Oh summer….I’ve missed you! Although Fall is my favorite time of year, my most cherished memories have taken place during the Summer. Not a Summer goes by without Rodeos, BBQ’s, Homemade Ice Cream in the hand cranked freezer, and Family, Family, Family! One of my favorite sides to take to a BBQ is my yummy Strawberry Salad recipe. I’ll share it below! So excited to follow one of my all time favorite people. You, Miss Devanie brighten a sometimes dark world and I love you for always scattering sunshine to me! 💛Lorie

    Strawberry Salad
    1/4 C. Red Wine Vinegar
    1/4 C. Sugar
    1/2 C. Vegetable Oil
    12oz. Mixed Salad Greens
    1/4 C. Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
    4oz. Toasted Almond Slivers
    6oz Fresh Strawberries sliced
    Dash of Garlic Powder
    Pepper to taste
    I’m a medium bowl, pour in Vinegar and whisk in Sugar, Oil, and Garlic Powder.
    Place Greens in a large bowl add almonds, half the strawberries, the Vinegar/Oil/Sugar mixture, and cheese. Toss until greens are well coated. Put in serving bowl and add remaining Strawberries and pepper to taste!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Devanie. I’ve loved your stuff from the beginning in your garage on Swiss.

    This post is perfect! Lost my Dad this week and your comments about being grateful is something he taught me because he was always grateful, no matter the circumstance.

    Summer and lemonade were part of my youth as well. I worked with my Dad in his yard care business and we always stopped by home for lunch and lemonade. Fond and timely memories for me. Thank you so much.

    Lemonade Pie

    Quart vanilla ice cream
    Pink lemonade concentrate
    Mix together and pour in graham cracker crust.

  4. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Summer time recipe:

    We love this Macaroni Pie:

    1 1/2 c uncooked macaroni
    6 eggs
    2 cups of milk
    Salt and pepper to taste
    6 cups of shredded cheese
    1/4 c of melted butter

    Cook mac in water
    Beat eggs, milk and s&p
    Spray a deep casserole dish
    Start layering with cheese, noodles cheese noodles and end with cheese. Pour over egg mixture. Pour melted butter around the top. Pop in oven, Cook at 425 forbabout 45min to an hour. Cut the middle to check it isn’t runny, will be firm when done.

    We got this at my bridal shower, we did a potluck and bring your fav dish with recipe. We have loved it wver since.

  5. Ana Velasquez
    Ana Velasquez says:

    We love to make peach cobbler during the summer. Something about peach cobbler and scoop of vanilla ice cream that just makes a nice summer memory. We love going to the beach during the summer. I’ve gone to the beach during the summer ever since I was a little girl and plan to do the same with my daughter. Oh summer, here we come! ❤️

  6. Pam
    Pam says:

    Can’t show up at the friends pool party without this dip!
    Tortilla Chip dip
    16oz sour cream
    16oz salsa
    8oz shredded cheddar cheese
    1-envelope dry ranch dip

    Mix it all together. Serve with tortilla chips

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    S’mores is my favorite thing to make in the summer
    Graham crackers
    Roasted marshmallow over fire and Hershey chocolate
    Nothing like getting family and fiends around a fire and just having fun!

  8. Jaime
    Jaime says:

    S’mores is my favorite thing to make in the summer
    Graham crackers
    Roasted marshmallow over fire and Hershey chocolate
    Nothing like getting family and fiends around a fire and just having fun!

  9. Laura
    Laura says:

    😍❤ following you! Summer is travel for our family. That will be hard with all that going on in our world. We are going to try recipes from a far… to bring the travel to our home.

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