Hello!  Many of you are new friends so here is a little bit of our story.  DJ & I first started Adams & Co. Home & Holiday Decor in our garage in 2003, making wooden signs, blocks and shelves.  Originally, we attended local craft fairs and sold to our neighbors and friends. After a few months, we really enjoyed working together and with DJ’s entrepreneurialism, we started wholesaling to retailers.  As many of you know, owning a business is a lot of work and being a start up, even more!  Often, we put in 20+ hours a day trading off who would sleep, take care of kids, etc.  I designed samples and DJ would take them to stores around our home state of Utah to get orders.  After several months of doing this we grew to the point we could no longer produce, design, sell and deliver our decor ourselves so we turned to outsourcing production allowing us to focus on what we do best. Our children, relatives, and friends have been a part of our company from the beginning and we are thrilled to be entering our 15th year this upcoming January!

We work on a simple philosophy…Inspired By Life.  We hope you will see this in our designs, whether it is through life’s everyday happenings, milestones and even the difficult times.  Our purpose is to make you laugh, reassure, inspire, touch your heart, or feel close to a loved one lost along the way . Today, the A&C brand is sold in thousands of retailers across the USA & Canada and online at KrumpetsHome.  We have made many lifelong friends in the home decor industry.  DJ & I love our ‘Adams Family’ team and without them none of this would be possible.  They are our biggest supporters and we feel grateful daily we get to work and play with these outstanding individuals. 

We are honored you have joined us on our journey.  Much love and success to you!