Going Batty?? Don’t Miss this DIY Halloween Décor

by Devanie

It’s amazing what a big difference little touches can make—like these darling poster paper bats designed by my daughter, Emily Adams.

These are such an easy way to transform a room into a fun and festive spooky space!



  1. Bat pattern (DOWNLOAD IT HERE)
  2. Poster paper or cardstock
  3. Scissors
  4. Painter’s tape (leaves no residue, sticks great, moveable)
  5. Light or white colored pencil for tracing


  1. Print & cut the bat patterns
  2. Trace around the patterns on your poster paper or cardstock
  3. Cut out your cute little bats
  4. Put a crease in the middle of the wings to give them that “in-flight” look
  5. Use your painter’s tape to safely attach them to your wall
  6. Have fun Halloween-ing up the place!

In case you need some more Halloween inspo … watch my Instagram page in the coming weeks, because it’s about to get spooky up in here, y’all!

What are some DIY things you like to do for Halloween? Share it all in the Comments below!

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